The Prince of Caviar

Caviar is a capsule of invigorating energy, packed with the proteins, minerals, vitamins and oils essential at their purest for a healthier life.

The Beluga is the Prince of caviar. The eggs have, what could be described a ‘midnight-greyish appearance, with a rich, buttery and delightful taste. Beluga is distinguished by each Egg sporting a most distinct circle of outer dark-grey with a further inner of medium grey culminating in an off-white bulls-eye. The Beluga Roe is the largest available in the Caviar World and also happens to be the most expensive.

It is without doubt the finest type of Caviar on the market and should be served completely naturally devoid of accoutrements such as hard boiled eggs etc.. However and if need be with toast and / or briefly heated crisped-up Blinis.

The Beluga - Prince of caviar. Photo courtesy of PRINCESSE d 'ISENBOURG et Cie Ltd
The Beluga – Prince of caviar. Photo courtesy of PRINCESSE d ‘ISENBOURG et Cie Ltd

The Beluga (huso-huso) can live up to 130 years and creates large opalescent Caviar with a delicate membrane and a much rewarding flavour. Maturity can take up to 20 years or more. In their natural habitat, this  fish could weigh up to 900 kg (2,000 lb) and as such may yield in excess of 200Kg of Roe.

The caviar usually reaches the market without any additions or processing whatsoever other than adding the commensurate salting level of 3,6%. As always with such perishable commodities, careful handling coupled to a perfect cold-retention-chain during transportation and storage being much essential elements prior to its final showdown with the taste-buds.

PRINCESSE d ‘ISENBOURG et Cie in Holland Park, London holds regular Caviar Tastings for up to ten participants.