Triple-Four Racing Chronograph: A Timepiece Crafted by Sir Terence Conran

Wristwatches have a unique ability to evoke emotions, and this goes beyond their practical function as timekeeping devices. In essence, they often transcend their utilitarian function and become intimate accessories that intertwine with our lives, memories, and emotions.

The emotional impact of a watch is deeply personal based on their experiences and relationships with timepieces. Wearing one is sometimes like embarking on a journey through time, where each tick resonates with waves of nostalgia, weaving together cherished memories and the subtle rhythms of life. Vintage timepieces, handed down through generations, not only carry the weight of their craftsmanship but also silently bear witness to family gatherings and milestones. The soft whirr of the second hand becomes a comforting echo, connecting us to the stories of our past.

Certain wristwatches stand as silent witnesses to triumphs, becoming tangible symbols of achievement and success. As tokens of accomplishment, these watches transform into constant companions, reflecting not just the passage of time but also the resilience and dedication embedded in the wearer’s journey. The glint of the watch face becomes a beacon, symbolizing the culmination of academic, career, or personal goals.

Beyond their utilitarian purpose, wristwatches embody history, tradition, and meticulous craftsmanship. Finely crafted watches from renowned brands carry the legacy of generations, linking the wearer to a rich tapestry of heritage. The intricate design, precision movement, and choice of materials become a testament to the watchmaker’s dedication to their craft. Wearing such a timepiece is not just a celebration of personal style but a subtle nod to the past, where every tick echoes the countless hours invested in perfecting the art of timekeeping.

That said, rarely does one come across a watch that captivates by its subtlety. This was the first time ever that I felt an actual deep connection to a watch. It wasn’t the “Wow!” I experienced before and likely to have many more of in future as technology and imagination weave their magic. Not a jolly puzzlement usually accompanied by a beard/head scratching when you come across a technical marvel or the “Wham!” of a completely new outlandish concept. This was an emotion that left me just standing there for a few seconds absorbing what this timepiece actually is, means, and stands for. For a briefest of moment – it could have rained indoors for all I cared. So, this is what happened… I came across the Triple-Four Racing Chronograph by Brooklands Watch Company.

Brooklands Watch Company Unveils Triple-Four Racing Chronograph

About a year ago, Brooklands Watch Company, one of the distinguished British luxury micro-brands introduced the Triple-Four Racing Chronograph. This Swiss-made masterpiece marks the late Sir Terence Conran’s penultimate design. It embodies exceptional quality and pays homage to the golden era of British racing at Brooklands, the iconic birthplace of motor sport and aviation in the UK.

Sir Terence’s deep connection to Brooklands stems from his father’s frequent visits to the historic track in Surrey and his mother’s aviation adventures at its Flying Club. When Simon Jeffs, the founder of Brooklands Watch Company, proposed the idea of designing a watch in 2018, Sir Terence, a visionary designer, was captivated.

The inspiration behind the Triple-Four Chronograph lies in the record-breaking Napier-Railton racing car of 1933, a symbol of Brooklands’ racing legacy. The watch’s rotor design mirrors the legendary Triple-Four Aero aircraft engine, while the face’s perimeter replicates the unique slope of Brooklands racetrack. The hands pay tribute to the Chronograph Villa clock at Brooklands, and the Conran blue leather strap features a pattern reminiscent of early car tyre treads.

Limited to 500 pieces, each watch is a numbered, signed work of art, presented in a Conran blue velvet-lined leather case inspired by vintage motoring cases. In addition to the watch, the case contains a slim brass warranty card and a members badge, granting owners a drive on Brooklands’ renowned Test Hill track in a specially commissioned electric Bugatti Baby II car.

The Triple-Four, priced at £5,750.00, is exclusively available at The Conran Shop, Chelsea, and through the Brooklands Watch Company website. Proceeds from each sale will benefit London’s Design Museum, founded by Sir Terence, and the Brooklands Museum Trust. The company’s ambassador, land speed record holder Andy Green OBE, adds a touch of racing prestige.

Sebastian Conran, Chairman of Conran & Partners and Trustee of the Design Museum, reflects on his father’s last project, praising the watch’s design elements that echo his grandparents’ enthusiasm for British motorsports in the 1930s.

Simon Jeffs, the founder of Brooklands Watch Company, describes the Triple-Four as “a piece of art with a purpose,” emphasizing its role as a mechanical Swiss-made watch of the highest quality, designed by one of Britain’s greatest designers.

The Triple-Four Racing Chronograph, like a classic car or vintage aeroplane, seamlessly blends functionality with exquisite elegance – a testament to invention and excellence at its finest.

“The hallmark of good design is simplicity, beauty, functionality and surprise” – Sir Terence Conran

Technical Details

  • Model: Brooklands Watch Company Triple-Four Racing Chronograph, Ref. Model 1 LE
  • Movement: Calibre Sellita SW500 BV with bespoke rotor, Mechanical chronograph movement
  • Functions: Centre hour and minute hands, Cam operated push buttons, Stopwatch function with seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hours, Date display window
  • Case: Stainless steel, Bezel Diameter 43 mm, Case Diameter 41mm, Opening Diameter 37.8mm, Height 12.8 mm, Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, Exhibition back with sapphire crystal, Water-resistance 10atm/10bar/100ft, Winding crown: steel with logo in Conran blue
  • Dial: One piece, Heritage Opalin White, Round date display window, Black hour and minute hands, Chronograph second hand in red, Chronography minutes and hours in black
  • Strap: 20mm Conran Blue leather calfskin, Sculpted design referencing heritage tyre tread pattern, Stainless steel buckle with logo

Further information: https://brooklandswatches.com/

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