Luxury adventure anywhere with Bruder Expedition EXP-6

The launch of Bruder Expedition and our new EXP-6, marks the beginning of a new generation of off-road campers.

Bruder are revolutionising off-road travel, by blending learnings from luxury yachts with the ruggedness of military go-anywhere vehicles. The practicality of ancient caravan building methods are retained by the special operations division that tailors to the customer’s imagination, however Bruder use the vey latest in technology and materials to create their state of the art expedition equipment.

The EXP-6 boasts all the advances one could possibly need to make camping, even in some quite unaccessible locations a cruise-like pleasure. The design of the EXP-6 has been kept a close guarded secret for the better part of the past two years as they put their work though its paces in the most gruelling of conditions.

The EXP-6 has been torture tested for tens of thousands of miles in locations with temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 49C (120F) heat and locations that would make a camel think twice – before becoming available to the public.

From the wheels-up up the EXP-6 is very exclusive. Using German-manufactured composite material that is lighter and stronger than traditional caravan building materials, to the airtight chassis design and advanced suspension system – the EXP-6 brings a new dimension to the off-road trailer manufacturing and makes camping true pleasure.

The manufacturers had a priority with the EXP-6 – to make life easy for the traveller. Inside and outside the design adapts seamlessly to the practicalities of what is required and the conditions you might face. The EXP-6 will accommodate you with comfort and ease, allowing the enjoyment of the outdoors like never before.

The EXP-6 is sporty and dynamic and won’t slow you down like the usual wide bulky caravans would. It is nimble off-road and with its carefully considered dimensions you can dispense with the extended mirrors to see around it or worry about fitting it down narrow tracks and trails. Bruder made sure that tight country tracks and trails can be accessed by designing a narrower body but wide wheel track – giving greater control. It’s overall stance and dimensions are streamlined to produce less drag, increasing efficiency and improving fuel economy of the tow vehicle. The towing a stress-free experience.

The exterior of the EXP-6 is extremely truly versatile. It is designed to blend inside and outside living together seamlessly while maximising space and shelter. With generous storage spaces as well as dedicated storage for smaller items you can organise all you carry in a super-efficient manner.

Weight distribution, balance, strength and size are carefully measured during the design process, but nothing beats real world testing in Australia’s remote, rough and tough terrain.

With the press of a button the EXP-6 raises from sports mode into off-road mode even whilst on-the-fly. This system brings the benefits of lesser wind drag on freeways as well as the benefit of huge ground clearance off-road, it is designed to go anywhere the tow vehicle can. The EXP-6 wheel track can be also altered to suit the tow vehicle for maximum efficiency in sandy conditions.

A snorkel is discreetly fitted to all EXP-6 trailers for pressurisation in dusty conditions. In adition a Warn rear winch is mounted at the rear, and can be used to aid others in recovery.

At your destination the EXP-6 will level out and adjust it’s height to suit the terrain of your location at the press of a button. In addition, you also have over 300mm of adjustments at your fingertips to accommodate your own height, putting everything within easy reach + go quite some way toward preventing your head from banging into the surround.

The ease of use extends into the extremely considered interior where every feature is systematically focused on making the camping experience an enjoyably convenient one.

Fully digital control display presents everything one needs to know and keep up to date with things such as the solar charge, battery condition and draw, etc. LED lighting can be adjusted to suit the needs with courtesy, mood and bright illumination available. You can now enjoy the closeness of the outdoors in the air-conditioned comfort or the winter snow with the self-regulating heating system.

Every aspect of the EXP-6 has been single-mindedly built for a purpose. The look, shape, and the size are all carefully planed. It looks tough and strong, and it is. It is also light, desirable and luxurious. It is an off-road trailer that actually is be capable of going off-road.

Further information and full details can be found on Bruder website.


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