From Corsa to the Corso

A timepiece that will inspire you to chase your dreams.

Do you love the thrill of adventure and excitement? Are you always seeking out new challenges and experiences? Then the Lonville Rallymaster watch is the perfect timepiece for you. This wristwatch is designed for those who live life to the fullest – the ideal adjunct to your adventures.

First of all, let’s talk about the looks of the Rallymaster. These watches are designed with a vintage, motorsports aesthetic that is both classic and cool. The round case is framed by a thick bezel with a tachymeter scale, giving the watch a sporty feel. And the dials themselves are inspired by vintage speedometers, with bold numerals, large hands, and a no-nonsense layout that is easy to read at a glance. Of course, looks are only part of the story when it comes to a watch like the Rallymaster. What really sets these timepieces apart is the range of features they pack inside.

For starters, the Rallymaster is equipped with a chronograph, which allows you to measure elapsed time and split times. This is a must-have feature for anyone who’s into motorsports or any other speed-related activity.

The engine of the Rallymaster is made by Sellita – a Swiss watch movement maker, known as a supplier to Hublot, IWC, Raymond Veil and a select few other high-end, luxury watch manufactures who demand only the very best.

This latest edition to the Lonville range was launched as an 88-unit limited edition series. Why 88?! Not an accident nor an oversight – everything about Rallymaster is carefully considered. The number is a reference to the original series Land Rovers – the 88. A unique, remarkable and hugely capable often referenced marvel of motoring.

Rallymaster Two uses the One design and adds a dial-coloured tachymeter ring as well as re-designed chronograph sub-dials.

The four variants, all pay homage to motoring legends. The blue honouring Ecurie Ecosse, Scotland’s double Le Mans 24 hour winning team, the silver/black signature of the F1 GOAT, the celebrated green of Sir Stirling, and the red of everything fast, hot and desirable.

The Hamilton Black is sleek and sophisticated, with a classic black dial that is versatile and goes well with any outfit. The Ecosse Blue adaptation, on the other hand, is bold and playful with its curious-blue dial that is sure to grab attention. The Stirling Green divergent is a perfect balance between elegance and adventurousness. Finally, the Corso Red variant is fiery and daering, with its striking red dial that exudes confidence.

But what truly sets the Lonville Rallymaster apart is its exceptional attention to detail. The design leaves little to desire. It has everything in just the right amounts. The balance of size, depth, precision, light/dark, matt/shine, style is simply astounding. One could ponder for a very long time about what they could change or add, to come to the conclusion that it is just right as it is.

We could have picked any of the quartet as the focus of the article, however the vibrant red and the burning passion of the Corso, just pipped the others to the post.

The shimmering red dial, contrasting black sub-dials, and vintage-style numeral markers make it a standout piece that is sure to turn heads. The Corso Red version of the Lonville Rallymaster also features a soft, textured leather strap that is both comfortable and durable. The hand-stitched strap is designed to withstand the demands of motorsports, so you can wear your watch with confidence, no matter what the day brings.

We’ll find little hallmarks and reminders that the watch is unmistakably a Lonville Rallymaster piece. The details radiate out from the high-spec movement detailed with Geneva stripes and blue screws, with a cheeky flash of golden glimmer visible though the sapphire reverse, over to the watch-face with alpha-hands designs, enveloped in a case that blends brushed and highly-polished surfaces. There will be inscriptions on the case, rotor, crown, clasp, strap… Detail on top of detail – every viewing angle seems to be covered. Seems much on paper, yet in real life, it all this comes together in an effortless elegance.

Living with the watch is easy – adjust the buckle, put it on, and probably never take it off. It feels really good on the wrist. Not so light you forget about it, but neither so heavy you are always mindful of the presence. What you do do, is to catch yourself checking it every now and again, not because you need to know the time, but because it is so damn proper grown-up cool and wonderful as the light dances on its surface.

The strap is interchangeable, but there is little reason to do so, as the one tit comes with, works so well with the rest of the watch. The total of the components that make up the Corso add up to more than just a watch – it is a statement piece that embodies the spirit of adventure and determination. Whether you’re a motorsports enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates fine craft and style, this watch is your companion.

The Lonville Rallymaster is an exceptional timepiece that combines the best of modern technology with a vintage aesthetic. Likely to have been intended as a men’s watch, but frankly – any gender can rock it. It is a sand-out piece that combines style and functionality – it is sure to turn heads.

The iconic watch has a bold and sporty appearance that sets it apart from other timepieces in the market. Whether you’re on the racetrack, out for a leisurely drive, or an evening reception, this watch is the perfect buddy for all your adventures – the Rallymaster will keep pace with your every move.

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