Get Ready for Watchpro Salon 2023!

The much-anticipated Watchpro Salon 2023 is just around the corner, and it’s gearing up to be an unmissable event for watch enthusiasts and industry insiders.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

Pre-Owned Lounge in association with eBay: Collectors seeking timepieces with history will have the chance to browse collections from renowned names like Bloombar, The Diamond Box, The Watch Register, and Tempus Lord. Expect pre-loved treasures from Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Cartier on display.

BMW Recharge Lounge: Designed for those in need of a breather, the BMW Recharge Lounge offers attendees a moment of tranquillity amid the exhibition’s hustle and bustle. Located within The Londoner Hotel’s Ballroom, the lounge will pamper guests with express manicures, massages, and a dose of elegance synonymous with the BMW brand.

Industry Previews: Retailers, buyers, and media will be invited for exclusive trade previews on Friday morning, an excellent opportunity to meet with exhibiting brands before the general public.

Cocktail Reception: Friday evening promises an exquisite cocktail reception where attendees can network and enjoy cocktails crafted by The Londoner’s talented mixologists.

Around the World with Whisky and Watches: Whisky enthusiasts and watch aficionados won’t want to miss this event. Explore the globe through the lens of whisky and watches, with insider knowledge, lively debates, tastings of exceptional whisky, and the chance to handle some remarkable timepieces.

Seminars and Talks: On Saturday, a series of talks will cover topics like collecting and investment trends for 2024, women in watches, and sustainability, providing valuable insights for industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Meet the Exhibitors

  • Arcanaut: A team of watch geeks with a passion for Danish design, they create beautiful mechanical watches through an unconventional approach.
  • Awake: Pioneers in watchmaking with a mission to raise awareness about Earth’s beauty and fragility.
  • BALL Watch Company: With a rich heritage in precision timekeeping, BALL is a key player in watchmaking history, known for its tritium gas tube illumination.
  • Bianchet: Makers of ultramodern tourbillon timepieces, inspired by timeless design principles.
  • Bloombar Watches: A luxury pre-owned watch retailer with expertise in modern and neo-vintage watches, offering professionalism and investment advice.
  • Brooklands Watch Company: Makers of luxury watches inspired by the heritage of Brooklands Motor Circuit, embodying innovation and precision engineering.
  • Cyrus: Combining tradition and innovation in every timepiece, engineered by master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon.
  • Czapek & Cie: Known for ‘We Collect Rare People,’ Czapek combines passion, community, rarity, and identity in their Geneva-based maison.
  • Duckworth Prestex: A revival British brand with inspiration from early wristwatch styles made by Prestex in the 30s and 40s.
  • eBay: The online marketplace known worldwide, offering a wide range of timepieces.
  • Edward Christopher: An independent British watch company with a mission to design beautiful modern luxury watches and support children and young people in need worldwide.
  • Elliot Brown: This brand was born from the vision of friends Ian Elliot and Alex Brown, who set out to create the most wearable, affordable, and toughest watches on the planet, drawing from their extreme sports backgrounds.
  • Gerald Charles: An independent, family-owned Swiss watch company founded by the legendary Gérald Charles Genta, known for his artistic creativity and technical mastery in watch design.
  • Herbelin: A traditional, independent, and family-owned French watchmaking company with a 75-year heritage of class, style, and Swiss quality.
  • Ikepod: A brand known for its creative and rebellious spirit in the watchmaking world, challenging the status quo and inspiring trends in watch design.
  • Isotope: A globally renowned manufacturer headquartered in Harpenden, England, producing exceptionally creative and affordable designs, including their remarkable “Egg of Columbus” complications.
  • Luminox: The original self-powered luminous watch brand, chosen by adventurers, elite forces, and professional divers for its durability and extreme visibility in any light condition.
  • Méraud Watch Co.: A Belgian-based independent watch brand that blends vintage-inspired designs with modern standards, creating high-quality and affordable timepieces.
  • Molequin: A French-based leather watch strap manufacturer known for its exceptional quality and commitment to ethical sourcing and a holistic approach to every member of the team.
  • Out Of Order: A brand that blends sophisticated high-level watchmaking with a unique “Damaged in Italy” finish, offering vintage watches with a passionate precision of skilled craftsmen and watchmakers.
  • Perrelet: A Swiss watchmaking Manufacture with roots dating back to 1777, known for its patented Double Rotor and Turbine technologies and a commitment to quality and precision.
  • QlockTwo: A brand that brings a friendly and artistic approach to displaying time, with pieces recognized as national cultural assets and objects of applied art.
  • Robot Watches: An independent microbrand watch manufacturer from the Czech Republic, known for its remarkable astronomical clock and a rich watchmaking history.
  • Seiko Prospex: Offering practical, reliable, and durable timepieces designed for extreme environments, including diving, car racing, aviation, and sailing.
  • Sherpa: Dedicated to bringing back the most legendary watch models and combining iconic design with state-of-the-art engineering.
  • Sinn: Known for its functionality-driven approach and high-quality timepieces that stand the test of time.
  • Squale: A manufacturer of high-quality watches known for their reliability in extreme conditions, favored by professionals and athletes.
  • Tempus Lord Jewellers: A London-based company with over 16 years of experience in the luxury watch and jewelry trade, offering sales, sourcing, bespoke jewelry, and aftercare services.
  • The Diamond Box: A family-run business with over 25 years of experience in the luxury watch and jewelry industry, known for its exquisite items and customer satisfaction.
  • The Watch Register: The leading global database of stolen watches, offering protection for buyers and watch professionals by verifying the history of watches.
  • Triology Jewellers: A unique space in Hatton Garden, London, offering rare, used Swiss watches and contemporary jewelry, known for its expert knowledge and professionalism.
  • Van Brauge Watch Company: A family-run business dedicated to blending classic designs with modern technology while prioritizing quality in their hand-built timepieces.
  • Victorinox: A worldwide family-owned company known for the iconic “Original Swiss Army Knife” and high-quality household, professional knives, watches, travel gear, and fragrances.
  • Watches Of Knightsbridge: Specializing in fine, rare, and collectable timepieces, they offer expert knowledge and advice to watch collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Wolf 1834: A five-generation family-owned company with over 185 years of experience in protecting legacies through innovative and beautifully designed watch accessories.
  • Yema: Designing sports watches for diving, car racing, aviation, and sailing, crafted with precision in the heart of France’s watch craftsmanship region.
  • Zeitwinkel: A small, independent manufacturer of high-end watches from Switzerland with in-house manufacture movements, known for timeless and unique designs.
  • Zodiac: A brand with over a century of experience in Swiss timekeeping, known for pushing the limits of design innovation and creating quality timepieces meant to be worn and lived in.

With such a diverse range of exhibitors, Watchpro Salon 2023 promises to be a haven for watch enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals. Don’t miss your chance to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of horology.

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