SONY MDR-Z1R – Feel the music

Sony’s quest to deliver the finest details of every sound resulted in its ‘Signature Series’ – the reproduction of the finest details of sound.

The Signature Series sound space imparts an experience so physical that listeners feel immersed in the breadth and depth of stereophonic sound.

Having built a musical culture around headphones, Sony had the vision to reproduce the finest details of sound with a minimally sized component. Mobilising Sony’s long history of analog and digital technologies for reproducing high-quality sound, they worked hard to design a line of products that would heighten the experience of great sound quality. Sony’s overall goal was to transform the experience from just listening to music, to actually feeling it – We think they succeeded.


Focused intently on the design of the housing to reproduce a sound space that is true to the original sound. With a housing that reduces resonance as much as possible. It was the image of an inflated sail that gave us the clue we needed. Sony turned their attention to designing a housing that would, like cloth, naturally embrace the sound pressure generated by the diaphragm. This concept led to the flowing, organically curved design of the housing. The single-sheet gentle curve reduces as much vibration and eliminates as much resonance as possible.

The dual housing structure with a permeable acoustic resistor and wire mesh protector controls air flow through the housing to reproduce the full expanse of natural sound. This combination not only reproduces great sound, but also helps achieve the ambient silence that we all seek.