One-Box solution from Arcam

Solo Music by one of the world’s best high-end audio brands offers simplicity and exceptional quality for those put off by overly complicated system-matching, or those who simply don’t have room or don’t want to house multiple boxes, trailing wires, etc. Anyone looking for a premium system to be at the centre of their hi-fi and home cinema entertainment should take a look at the Arcam Solo Music (speakers not included).

Arcam’s Solo range has been around for many years, initially laying foundation to its success with compact systems such as the original Solo and Movie 5.1, both collecting many allocates from the hi-fi press and highly commended by many online review sites.

This, third generation of the Solo Music, is the more audio-centric model of the current matching line by Arcam.


Solo Music has a wide array of functions, such as CD/SACD-playing, network-streaming source, onboard DAB/DAB+/FM tuner. The Solo has a range of digital and analogue connections, including 4 HDMI, optical, coaxial, USB, phono and 3.5mm inputs.

When connected to a TV (or projector) with an HDMI output, the Arcam Solo Music can serve the audio of your home cinema system.

Solo Music can be connected to your network (using the DLNA functionality) – either via Ethernet, wi-fi or via a supplied antennae. It is capable of drawing songs from any connected networked drive (NAS) or laptop. The addition of a second antennae to the Arcam makes the Bluetooth connection a reality.

Arcam Solo Music System
Arcam Solo Music System


An app is available for controlling the Arcam and accessing libraries available though the network. The MusicLife app (unfortunately only available for iOS) identifies NAS drives without and proves very convenient for scrolling anyone’s extensive audio catalogue. The interface is clean and intuitive.

For general playback controls, you might prefer using the intuitively laid-out, classy backlit remote.


Arcam’s Solo Music delivers a clear, powerful, punchy, smooth, and balanced rich sound. It remains somewhat of a benchmark system.

A well-made, well-featured product with a solid-sound, the Arcam Solo Music is indeed one of the best complete one-box stereo systems currently around.