DeWitt creates an Empire for women

The DeWitt watchmaking Manufacture’s latest creation is the Blue Empire jewellery watch range dedicated to women. This somewhat understated duo, detailed with the most feminine elegance, radiates confidence and sophistication.

The striking midnight blue dial invites light to seductively play on its guilloché sunray pattern. The Empire’s dial is hand assembled by the expert dial-makers of the DeWitt workshops. 12 appliques decorations indicate the hours. The imperial columns have been creatively revisited by DeWitt to highlight the dial, circling the 12 indexes indicating the time.



Open-worked hands resembling double-edged swords slice across the hours and minutes, whilst the delicate second hand could have been modelled on a fencing foil.

The Blue Empire watch’s crown in rose gold and blue lacquer is surrounded by a detail of 20 round diamonds.

Sized at a notable 36-mm diameter, the round case is available in 18-carat rose gold or 18-carat gold and steel, embellished with a timeless wristband with jewellery fastenings. The wristband of the rose gold model is highlighted with a ‘beam’ of round diamonds at its centre.

The attention to finishes and the alternation of polished gold, diamonds and blue embellishments give the watch an added touch of refinement and modernism. In total, 150 round diamonds sparkle around the gold Blue Empire watch. Both models are available with a quartz or an automatic movement.

The Blue Empire is a collection of jewellery watches with an unwavering contemporary grace.